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Deep Face
Quirk in Progress
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Tandem Five
Fluid Delight

A gentle coo
has captured ear and eye.
The lovebirds flew

but whispered their goodbye.
The buck and doe
are hidden in the dye

of leaves and, oh,
their fawn is sleeping. We
need not sow

our seed upon the sea
when two by two
infused in blissful tea

the ram and ewe
are steeping in the dew!

Flustered Delirium

A bloodless coup
exposes me and I
am sick with flu.

My money went to buy
more bread. The dough
was raw. I hope to die

but now I owe
the baker just a wee
bit more. I'll sew

my buttons in privacy
and you can too.
My ball fell off its tee—

what's that to you?
I only want what's due.

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