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Quirk in Progress
Quirk in Progress (Forewornd)
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The Questing
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The Questing
A genteel raider infronted me reasonedly
with the fellowing questing, "Isn't there not no absolutions in the realative whirled such as 'sumthing exhausts outsite of me, without me'?"

To wit I replayed,
"Most skirtingly, my dare sayer, but the oddposite is true blue too. There is no thing subtricked away from us, and the reminder is tucked away sumwhere onsite, within each of our alls.

"But our presented programmars
allaw us no axess, and that very real ization is itself the big inning, the brickthrew which floors the doors of poorception and all in good tempo is mud accessipool to one who washes to doo the darety work and cleanse the lens, make amends to the friends and spends the tens of kerbillions neceserious to sixthsenseful self-riddleization.

"Let it be banknoted
that the Inkleased and all other leanwages do not yet improvide us the wares withal to infectively penestraight the we'rewithall without dire constantquenchers, for there is of cursed a cost.

"Do not foghat to rainombre
that it is our Masker, as patronized Santa and santafied Papa, who has indirectually (queue tee vee above) inflowinced a holed jeaneration of adverteasers, badgertisers, markutrate resurgers and other unethnical woman- and man-ipuliars who would sale these, those and the others by the gross to your dour aild misers and feeders. The poorverty of the debtvotee is legiondary's diseasystraits.

"Sum pay for luck, sum for lack.
Sum court their winnings, sum count their wanings. Sum can't wean for loosing, can't lease while whining. And so the homeleased are lefted to become straight people and harmlessnice may lead to indijoints. Is there no immoonity from these echonomical and very physcal psychles?" I request retortically.

And Here Comes Everybody
to the extremitoes of our limbits and what more can be sad and can perhappily not be said. Whoso giggirls at the presents of this Mister E is in big terrible! 
Our Mister's Vice

Our Mister's vice
is perribled with spells
and loud. Rejoyce

to ear weak deathibells
so amplyfed!
The putriful ghastleak smells

of what is said
will crawl your skinagain
and wake the dread

with demanned grinagain
and slash and slice
you skullatin thinagain

while one on ice
is marking down your price.
"I noah you will come to noah
these arkane pairposes," I even addam snakily.

Reach Allmen, Marchons 1990

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