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Quirk in Progress
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Raptured and Soulomio
Laybareing in the poursweat of holeness,
Raptured and Soulomio felt in lust at frisk seething. Actshyly, she eagled him jocking in the struts and sodwalks of Malewacky tree ears privyously and her innerrisk was arosed at wants. But her classest frowned in the warld tolled her, "Know A, that win is nought four you, and B, cause he's an indirectual! C?"

But Soulomio neferteried of sinking aboard Raptured
and her soughts musk hive drone hum too her lock the fierces of nightshare. And how fating it is that their mating accord on the Wonder Soulstirs—the lawngust net of the air! The fibulous Sextease would piece into theirstory in teen mere daze as their loaf roused and growned with itch pacing moanmeant.

Butt beau foulishly loosed goal twiced:
Fierced he sought he didn't need her;
Sickened sought he couldn't feed her.
Joined her in a poemkin shell
And cupped each udder very well!
before settlinked done four good on the Twinedthread of Eggedover, Knowntune Sippintea.

Money hustles and straggles were steal ahid search as dregs:
Hemptea Dumptea shat on a wall;
Hemptea Dumptea hid a great fall.
All the Cong's hearses and all Kung Foos Men
Couldn't pot Hemptea to get her again!
But honicetea and intigertea (a raretea) so stained them.
At won punt Raptured even hacked to go to wark drayvan toxiccarbs at knight. Soulomio, sew fretened, stewed up wetting in kiss her main cain harm unhomed.

Moonwhirl, Cupud's arrowmatics whiffted
as their sweat loaves contenured to expound and mini poppills wood axe them, "Wet aboat chilldrains? Ewe shad roes a farmily! Mansons and daters, groomdoubters and grim, gray grandscenes," they insassted.

"What's wrung with nices, enoughayous and kissins?"
Soulomio implained. "We wear, e'er and well be a formerly, mock no mystic abet it. See these pouts and puns? We are chilleddish oursilvers eknife, fork rind allowed, you'll nut be kitchen us spooning fresh fry!"
Woses ah wed;
Viowins ah boo.
Her him beebee
An he she too!
Kuds, who kneads 'em?

Little Richard, penman, Aprilcot Field's Day 1990

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