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Quirk in Progress
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We've hair the four-I'd notcher of humanifold,
namedly, I. The Fizzical, or the leased substenchill; II. The Emitional, or the leased to-get-her; III. The Meant-all, or the leased direct (the indirectual); IIII. The Spearritual or the leased syphalized, which onefies the forced three in lazy-tie-zoo-knee, your-nighted-steaks or low-cyst-otto-sue-knee-dose deepending upside the birder or down psychographically.

It's a long wayt from Doublintowndre
to the obstainities of furry speaches in our owned up day (in exhortic Mwaki). Now that I could spike what I policed I was not policed with what I had to spike. (Now then not now now).

So many ears relapsed in the meanest time
wild I garbled uncontrillably. Nothing remind of deaference bitwain fowls and fairs. Thoughts became more-than-thats. Deeds became less-than-deads. But my failings were pairfectly poisend betwin this there and that here in the blast stat nun as Nervenda.

Tangling with erectric incitement without,
it becalm a where of an entitious insistance dormisealed quitely within and gone by the numb of eye. Horrorcame and freakwent but I stood stale in the muddle of all of it. Aye was in the sinner and the cinder was in the ai. But this is not the tide to tail the teal of postsequent redamntion or preposterotic salivation. In the plaintest languish I gnow, I wood, pleas, bag an air to be hard and din on my noise I imfloor you, nay, axe you for petty, petty peas.

I may be noun as an abjective
but I am not a sleeve nor a sleevetreader. If my refutation has sulphered over the ears due to this endlish strangle to regun a grand to astound on, this speaktalkular raise to inspectability will be summit the more draumatic.

our animeals rep-resent this overluncheonary upfall from beastly lowlinessence to the pique of well-bread wheel-borne hot cousine and the humanimal it may consarn when s/he/it larns to sink (i.e. to sink soughts). "Our we heaving fawn a gun, Messer? And hour wee heaven fawn yet a gain?" Chalk down another won to Mother Notsure.

Now eatch moresalt of oink I root with
is I'm'd at the conchhouse mined and sartreanly not the unconscience. Corncheeseness is my flavorite, mouthed delickable a la mode of meatattention, butt it is not the onely one.

We neat too to dustinglish
the sup-kansas, the souper-, the stupor-, the steeper-, the sleeper-, and all pastable prefaxed degrays of cognisciencenessness (every sufferfax posturebates a farther definement as will). Foriegnstance, we map the veriest states-of-des-moined—Iowa batter eggsample toother eater of courses search as the ark-kansas, the whisk-conscious and evenly dull-awareness. Idaho lot more but they're too static.

Note the enotional note of each notational newonce,
the implicativeness of each implicated implex, the indefinity of each infinitestical infinition. This is loinwish at the courting age, instead-of-the-art, fronttires of inteligibiliousness to drivel us where we chews. We can openly heap against harp that all will come upright and offwhite in the and

Rancid Almond, Murk 1990

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