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Quirk in Progress
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The Censorest Forum of Fraudery
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The Censorest Forum of Fraudery
For his zone amazement
and leecher tome emplayment Raptured would twinslate (freeturnal not ideigntokill) his fevered awethors into Inglitch as in these toeknee solelegshins, limboricks and footnuts.

The Highly Balk of Mazes
which begones in the bigending:

Beret sheet bore awe hello hymn
ate how show my aim
V-eight how awe rates.

From Homerun's claysick sexbeaten versus
of the Greasy loungegaucho in the Oilyodd:

Men in Aida, say ah, parlay I adieu achey Leos,
Oh loamy nine, hey marry a coy ice algae I thicken,
Pole us deepsea moose—psychos a heyday pry ape sin
He row own, oh toss day hello ray a tacky keen icing
Oil noisy tea posse—the host day to lay a toe boo lay
Ex who day tap root eddy ass tea tine airy santa
At rhea days tea on ox and drone coy the host achey Leos.

Less but not lost
from Jims Juiciest's Funnygoons Whack, a sleepstuck messedhairpiece:
ravearound, peaced Even Allman's, from swear verb sure to bound of boy, brains us buy echo maybeus vowkiss of reseercollation book two House Cusshole and Envyruins.
And in the oughtabuyagraffitical mode:
Raptured's Rap

They was an ol' man fun Mulewalkee
Who nevah quite looned how to talkee;
Whatevah he said
Came out of his head
All squambled and quasi and squawky.
He went to the U. of Exconsin
In the era of Lenten Brains Johnson.
Protesting a war
He couldn't ignore,
His excesses come back to haunt him.
His shape and his guts they were fighting;
The awns in his oats were cowliding.
If he head nut bend there
Then he wed knot band wear
He is now at the team of this writhing.

Writeyour Ownman, Aperole, 1990

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