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Quirk in Progress
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This correction of riddle SAs (knot EZs)
was ormost toutled Whelk in Pouredgrease, an Ecomictrudgeordie, deicidedly too offunsive to my test. Then I thoughtled it Wake and Pray Grace which could appall to all manna of Joysus' followords but I am hyping for a seizable awedience. Wk pr gross, tho it max buysnice cents, was nixed, fallowed by Walk in Peargrass which I never cereally cornseedered. By this time I was failing weak in paragraphs and cooped padding oaf my joice of tattles intell a nether die. At list in dunceperation I sidled on the prisont wan and if it tictocs me sieveintime yores, one deed I'll put an owned to this quirk.

I surrealize, of cars,
that wrutting hopens in a tomeporeal menthol state and a washed pet is not boilt in a day. Noveltheleast, one ward secedes the pervious ward even if sufferal blanc pagers intervenous...

In the begorraing
the inflowrinse of the Airish Moisture Jims Juice predaminates until southernly (on peach tree) I brake true with a decoration of innerpunnedwits of the idmost importenance. Two, I am nought ashemmed or ashauned to say this quirk is a rooting abutt rutting sense procreactivity awefers inseed into the devined sporeit and I wed lock to bridekisst my understudding fur and ride!

Any progrestinating quark
has to sum decree an unowned dicetination. I have kissed my feet to the wounds for I am steel in the metal of my oddestsea, yet I have fond myself with the hurt to containyou at my own pass.

Jaunty rider, allaw me to be mice elf
and do not immargin me to be intensionally "merdying the whiters" when my gall is, razor, to spook out what is hooden within the clock of lunggauges and to revile the unsane. Like all menbores of my specious I wide look to belive that I am at the suntour of your universion as wheel as my own. And like all wrighters I author up my authoring to the guards and guardesses who determen suntraility.

The Hauteur, Aprioral 1990   

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