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Quirk in Progress
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Fro, our langwidth
disserves fewer sadtricked devirgins and fraudulent sleeps—nudist how he shoos us away to transvestigate our own hidden agenders.

Sink, sank.

Sex, expurgatoried.

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below the innertechs rickwires an undertaker to reparrot—pollytalks as use you well. 

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we are mauved black dun among the corals and ecrus of our gilt, yellowing I amethyst and no madder! We ask our silvers, where does indigo and hue oh hue am I! And so it is vermillions of purple. 

In summit, Joist is weepest when talking Turkeyish
and wash out for his bowels incontinence! But if you white pageantly for two sex or lest and lesson tearfully sunthing else will a rose like a biker sifting flower upon a pedal'd pass and a filling wills up in sight of us to sigh allwise ouija sida yesyesyes and all his sense are for gibbons! 

Rock O'Man, Mars 1990

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