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A Wholeman
I word leak to interdose to you
a factional keyrickturn, the knotted theallergy achespurt, Doghter of Divanity and weird heeler, the wrought ravearound Raptured Om-man. This groat hiller was wants none for his raw fetchtrouble dye-it under the suitedname of Rawchard Healman, but is of no relayshunt to the famish lung-dustance rounder Redshirt Illman whose wreckers are steel unbraked.

Om-man has allwheeze bang
at the tap of alturnatwist metasin and its innersicktion with the Spurit, incysting on the somapsychotic horrorgene of all decease, theodorising that the divinyl host and the viral host are one and insane and that Goad devolves his cretintures with a tick for attack—witches newthing but the olde Sorryasstrialism bright up to debt and coarsepounding to our past-murderned tamper.

And such is Om-man's genie use:
he fillfulls the engined lungeings of the heman saul threw the rearwakening of a paularised and ratikill materrorialism that jest so happys to be coite prophetable.

"Many is the writ of old drivel,"
climbs Om-man, "but newthing sales like sucksauce if attrickedively peekedged and boughteled."

Insured, stealth buys wealth buys health
(ef Ich mought youse the Eld Engelsk) which buyeth into sexth, loveth and Goth in that ardor.

But Om-man dozen step here,
for Guide is a warper of americals and the nixed apatheotic stage of our harrow is even larder than live, beggar than emotion pickyours, booger than devilvision—the stodge of powertakes and estranged bidfoilers—Wash-De-Sea.

Good's blissings file most rankfully on His Erected
and it is carear as christoil that our louders still rile by deafined rites. Candiddoubt Om-man is wailing to sigh it, "Actors spark leaders in wards."

He brims to mine the plutonic highdeal
of the philucifer con and the ignation holds its broth: Will he rain and if erected will he empour? His plotfarm is the feding of the hunkering and trysting, his cornstarchuents are butter and wurst, rice and pear, in sackednuts and unhulled—a gross cross suction of ommanity. As voiding day guts closeter all ayes are on Raptured Om-man.

But he docent stoop hair razor.
He baldly hairoilds his camppain slowguns, "Don't axpick overnice genghis." and "Truce me. I'm warking on it." and "Wark on yourownsoilf is tomoral's equibblent of warned." But he well knit lawyer hemself to radical the champaigne sloegins of his revels. His sellabruted staticus has avanted guardedly with all medias in persons and his more theoryus soughts have kerfed his notch in the maleterrory sinking of severaled automatonomous rehablics.

Nomman besuds has accompliced this muttch
—in litters, in puplicked life, and behound the palpet, too. Wash him curfully!

Cumming: The createst pairadogs arf all
—the peeer behind the treen—Om-man takes a whiff!

Reckon Wellman, impressed secrettory, Merge 1990

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