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Relative Success
But she's taller than he is, her mother was said to have said.
No matter, she countered; we fit very nicely in bed!

If our bodies are different that's something we'd already caught
By the light of the day, and in darkness, no need to be taught.
You have to accept what you're given and take it from there,
From your stature and shape to the color of skin, eyes and hair,
To the size of appendages all the way down to your feet.
Each part could be bigger or smaller but I'll be discrete
And let you imagine particular items yourself.

(There are those who are happy to buy all their parts off the shelf,
But few can afford those expenses or handle the pain
Of surgery every few months till they're happy again!)

I assumed that we both shared this sensible vantage, to view
All the basics in life, when you jolted me saying that you
Always had the ambition, the goal to become six foot two!
Now you know how I try and I try to make your life heaven.
But, let me remind you, I never was more than five seven!
And since you reached your limit at five foot nine and a quarter
You never accepted the obvious fact that you're shorter
Than aiming, desiring or willing could hope to achieve.
(But don't let this absolute failure be reason to grieve.)

Now for reasons of safety and health you rejected high heels,
But an old-fashioned, medieval rack is a ...no, the mind reels!
Without platforms, stilettos or stilts you'll still measure five nine.

Since your own growth has stopped, I deduce that the next move is mine:

In applied economics an interesting concept is known
As 'negative growth' and it's clearly a dangerous zone.
(In the real world of money it means that you can't get a loan.)
And physiologically something occurs as we age
That parallels this and it's all too easy to gauge.
If the sensitive skeletal system's not treated with care
Our stature diminishes, caused by the wear and the tear.
Then why, you may ask, is it happening only to me?
While you've stayed exactly the same, all my doctors agree
That the number of inches I've lost is already three!

You never know what's coming next on life's marvelous path.
Just add up the negative numbers—you do the math.
When you see yourself through my eyes you're six feet tall!
And still we don't care what the others are thinking at all.

Do you know what it feels like for me looking up to your eyes?
Exactly the same as the sight of the starriest skies:
Multitudinous jewels strewn through the field of night,
The twinkle of love and the mystery—also, the height.

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