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The first four poems were composed in 1999 as responses to the photographs, companion pieces rather than captions. "Sirius" and "This Earth" were written in 1987 with no particular thought of visual imagery.

My wife, Salomea L. Ollman, made the first photo in a parking lot at Veterans Park, Milwaukee. I made the next four in western Minnesota at the Jeffers Petroglyphs not far from the famous Pipestone quarries. All photos are from 1999 except the last one, my brother Arthur Ollman's Mono Lake, California image, exposed in 1980.

The series was printed as a handbound book in an edition of two along with these web pages. It was a final project for "Digital Imaging/Electronic Publishing," a graduate course at Cardinal Stritch University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Rick Ollman, 1999

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